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Definition of Build Terms

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The current build position is indicated by the yellow arrow in the far left column of the step grid.  During a build, the entire current step row is also highlighted in yellow.  The current build position is where a build will normally start or continue from. Build commands are also available that change the current build position before launching a build.


One or more steps can be selected in the step grid; selected steps are indicated by the step name being highlighted (or the entire row if the full row select option is enabled).  The first selected step is also referred to as the cursor position.


Each step also has an include in build flag associated with it (indicated by a checkbox in the Build column of the Step Panes).  A check mark in the Build column indicates that the step (and any child steps if the nesting option for Include in Build status is checked) will be included in the build.


Finally, each step has a build status displayed in the Build Status column, which can have one of the following values:

(blank)The step has not been built
Building...The step is currently being built
FailedThe step failed when built
AbortedThe build was canceled by the user while the step was building
SkippedThe step was skipped due to a build rule or unchecked step
TerminatedThe step was terminated because it didn't complete in time
Completed*The step was completed but may have additional iterations (for repeating build rules, Process Files action, or Loop action)
CompletedThe step was successfully built


When a project is built, if a step is checked, has no (blank), Failed, or Aborted status, and the current position moves to that step, it will be considered for building.  If the build profile matches and all applicable conditional build rules evaluate True, it will be built, otherwise it will be skipped.  If a step has a status of Skipped or Completed, that step will not be considered for building again, unless its build status is reset by 1) unchecking and checking that step, 2) rebuilding the project, 3) resetting the build status for all steps, or 4) closing and reopening the project.