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Copy Files Action Errors tab

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This tab of the Copy Files action specifies options regarding error handling.


Wait for share names to be defined: If checked, retries copying of a file if the destination folder references an network share that does not exist.  If unchecked, retries are only performed for network and sharing violation errors.


Continue processing remaining files on failure: If checked and an error occurs while processing, the action will continue processing the remaining files (but still fail the step when done).  If unchecked, the step will fail as soon as an error occurs.


Note: Does not apply with Robocopy.


Fail the step if no matching files found: If checked and no matching files are found to copy, the step will fail.  If unchecked, the step will succeed even if no matching files were found.


Fail the step if unable to purge files or folders: If checked and the purge option is also checked, if any purged files are folders cannot be deleted, the action will fail.


Note: Does not apply with Robocopy.


Fail the step if error occurs retrieving file information: If checked and the incremental is checked, if retrieving file information (size or timestamp) for any file fails, the step will fail.  If unchecked and an error occurs retrieving file information, the files will be considered different and will be copied.


Note: Does not apply with Robocopy.


Number of retries on failed copies: Number of times to retry copying a file (required).  Can be 0 to disable retry.


Seconds to wait between retries: Time to wait between retries (required).