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Copy Files Action Robocopy tab

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This tab of the Copy Files action specifies options for calling Robocopy.


Use Robocopy: If checked, the action will call Robocopy to copy files.  The other options on this tab and the Advanced and Remote tabs apply only when this option is checked.


Copy using unbuffered I/O: If checked, copies using unbuffered I/O (recommended for large files).  Requires Robocopy v6 or later (installed with Windows 8 and later).


Do multi-threaded copies: Specifies the number of threads for multi-threaded copying (optional, between 1 and 128).  When specified, the use of a log file is recommended for better performance.


Log file: Specifies a file to log output to (optional).


Append to existing log file: If checked, appends to the log file; if unchecked, overwrites any existing log file.


Unicode log file: Outputs to Unicode log file.


Log to build output and log file: If checked, logs output to the specified log file, Output pane, and Visual Build log file.


Copy all file info: If checked, copies all file info (data, attributes, timestamps, security, owner info, and auditing info).


Copy no file info: If checked, copies no file info.


Don't log header info: Do not log job header.


Don't log summary info: Do not log job summary.


Additional Robocopy options: Specifies additional arguments to Robocopy.


Override Robocopy executable filename: Specifies the Robocopy executable filename (optional).  If not specified, robocopy.exe must exist in the PATH environment variable.