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Import Tab

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This tab of the ClearCase action configures command options related to a ClearFsImport operation.


Downcase: Uses the -downcase flag to change the names of imported elements to lowercase.


Rmname: For all source-name arguments that are directories, performs an rmname operation on elements that are already in the VOB but not present in the source directory.  Adds the -rmname flag to the generated command-line.


NSetEvent: Specifies that event records and historical information for new elements and element versions show the user who executed clearfsimport and the date of execution, not the original data associated with the sources.  Adds the -nsetevent flag to the generated command-line.


Master: Uses the -master flag to assign mastership of the main branch of the element to the VOB replica at which you execute this command.


Uncheckout: If a checked-out file element that corresponds to a source file to be imported exists in the target VOB, an uncheckout operation is executed on the element and the corresponding view-private file is retained with a suffix of .keep. The import operation then checks out the element again and checks in the imported version.  Adds the -unco flag to the generated command-line.


Preview: Preview the import, listing all elements that the import would add or change, as well as any checkouts that would conflict with imports, but does not import anything.  Adds the -preview flag to the generated command-line.


Follow: Processes the object to which a UNIX symbolic link points, instead of importing the link itself into the VOB.  Adds the -follow flag to the generated command-line.


Label: Attaches the specified label instance to each element version checked in.  If the corresponding label type does not exist, it is created.  Uses the -mklabel flag in the generated command-line.