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Deliver Tab

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This tab of the ClearCase action configures command options related to a Deliver operation.


Use graphical deliver: Uses the -graphical flag to start the graphical user interface for the deliver operation (don't check for non-interactive builds).


Complete the deliver operation: Uses the -complete flag to complete the deliver operation.


Preview only: Shows which baselines would change and which new activities would be brought into the stream if a rebase operation were to be executed.  Adds the -preview flag to the generated command-line.


Abort merge if not fully automatic: Aborts the operation if a merge is required that can not be completed automatically.  Adds the -abort flag to the generated command-line.


Use serial diff output: Reports differences with each line containing output from one contributor, instead of in a side-by-side format.  Adds the -serial flag to the generated command-line.


Perform graphical merge: Performs a graphical merge for each element that requires it.  Adds the -gmerge flag to the generated command-line.


Stream: Specifies a stream that is the source for the deliver operation.


Integration-view-tag: Specifies a view attached to the deliver target stream in the same project or in a different project.  is specified with the -to flag in the generated command-line.


Baselines: Specified a list of baselines to deliver using the -baselines flag.