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Burn CD/DVD Action Options tab

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This tab of the Burn CD/DVD action specifies additional options about the burn activity.


Calculate image size only (no burn): If checked, no files will be burned, but any enabled logging options will be performed.  Useful for debugging purposes.


Test burn: If checked, the burn device will be placed in test mode instead of actually burning the image.


Erase disc first: For rewriteable discs, this will erase the disc before burning (applies only when using rewriteable media and drive).


Quick erase: If checked, performs a quick erase, otherwise a full erase is performed (can take much longer).


Import session: If checked, imports a previously burned session into the new session.  To import previous sessions, use blank or 0 in the following field; to import a specific session by number, enter that number in the following field.  The Folder can be used to specify where the previous session(s) will be imported into the new session (use blank or \ to import to the root of the new session).


Max burn speed: Used to specify a maximum burn speed in KB/sec (optional). Leave blank to burn at the max supported by the drive/media.


Cache size: Specifies the buffer size to use when burning in MB (optional).  Leave blank to use the default cache size.


Buffer underrun protection: Helps to protect from buffer underruns when burning.


Perform OPC: If checked, monitors and maintains the quality of disc writing (also called Dynamic Power Control or Direct Read During Write).


Joliet file system: Causes the system to create Joliet file system on the burned disc or image.  Select this option if you want to use file names that contain up to 64 characters in length, including spaces. Joliet also records the associated DOS-standard name (8+3 characters) for each file so that the disc may be read on DOS systems or earlier versions of Windows.


UDF Bridge support: If checked, the disc/image will be formatted in compliance with OSTA UDF version 1.50.


Create a bootable disc/Boot image: Creates a bootable image using the specified file.


Log every x% completed: Specifies a percentage to log the progress of the burn (optional or 0 for no progress logging).


Log files and folders that are processed: If checked, all folders and files add to the image will be logged when the step is built.


Finalize disc: Used to finalize/close the media in the device after burning . If finalized, no more data can be written to the media, even if there is free space available on it.


Eject disc after burn: Ejects the disc after the burn is complete.