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Burn CD/DVD Action Burn tab

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This tab of the Burn CD/DVD action specifies the operation to perform and the source and destination files.


Operation: The operation to perform: Burn files to disc, Burn ISO image to disc, or Create ISO image.


Source folder: The source location for files to be burned (required; does not apply when creating ISO images).


Note: You can also specify a path and filename or path and file mask in this field (instead of using the Include field).


Files to burn: Used to specify files or folders to specifically include or exclude (optional).


Include subdirectories: Determines if subdirectories will be searched recursively for burning.


Exclude empty subdirectories: If checked, empty, matching subdirectories will not be included when burning (applies only when Include subdirectories is checked).


Burner drive: The drive letter of the destination burning device.  Click Properties to view information about the current drive and media; click Refresh to refresh the drop-down list with all available burning devices.


ISO filename: The ISO filename to burn when burning an ISO to disc or to create when creating an ISO image (required).


Volume label: A label to apply to the burned disc or ISO image (optional, does not apply when burning an ISO image).


Output path: The root directory to create on the disc or image, in which all burned files will be written to (optional).