What Customers Say About Ultra Recall

"Ultra Recall has revolutionized my life and saved me so much time. I want to personally kiss the feet of the software developer(s) of this product."

-- Clay Collins  

"Did I mention that this app is the closest thing to a brain augmentation?"

-- Sean H.  

"I use UR more than any other app. Would be absolutely lost without it."

-- Don Mckenzie  

"I use your tool every day, it is one of the best programs I have ever bought, it is really amazing how good it is."

-- Thomas Zmuck  

"Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. Ultra Recall is one of most powerful and exceedingly useful products I've ever used."

-- armsys  

"It is ridiculously flexible, very powerful...It has proved invaluable to me anyway. At least one instance is always running on my desktops or laptop."

-- Joe Bonzo  

"UR is amazing...I am learning new stuff everyday about the endless amount of functions this application already has."

-- JGM22  

"I have to say I am positively knocked out by the now accumulated features and functions of V3 - completely transcends any other tools of a 'like kind.'"

-- igoldsmid  

"Version 4 is quite excellent and very stable. Easily the pick of the PIMs and I've tried them all."

-- Mick Still  

"I'm delighted with this application, and of course your quick and thorough response to my questions. I'm going to recommend this program to everyone I know, without reservation."

-- Fred Holmes  

"What a wonderful piece of software Ultra Recall is! I have despaired of ever finding anything half as good as my tired old InfoSelect 2007...Ultra Recall far surpasses InfoSelect and my expectations...I seem to be able to do everything and more than I was used to in InfoSelect...I am extremely pleased that I have found an even better tool in Ultra Recall for the future."

-- Kim Wood  

"Thanks for all the work you do to keep improving your program. I think you're getting very close to that unattainable goal - perfection."

-- David G.

"The more I work with this program, the more I love it."

-- RBernier  

"Ultra Recall has become a cornerstone of the work I do. It was the only product I could find that would handle the complexity without launching into learning FileMaker or the spaghetti called Access. It's very rare to come across such a capable, well thought out product. Thank you for making it accessible at such a reasonable price."

-- Martin Butler

"I happily join the chorus of appreciation for an amazing PIM that keeps getting better."

-- mikeg  

"Ultra Recall is one of the most important apps on my computer. I use it to store all kinds of work and personal information. Everyone comes to me for answers at work. Ultra Recall is the 'secret' weapon (although I openly tell everyone about UR, some still don't make the connection) and it's why I can always find important info at home in seconds."

-- Mike G  

"UR has hit a major milestone with the release of version 3.0. Thanks Kinook for your hard work! Now Ultra Recall has leapt some light years ahead of the leading PIMs."

-- Leoram  

"...express my gratitude for making this ingenious tool available to us. It has boosted my productivity and information management to levels that helped me stay on top in my professional and personal life."

-- cnewtonne  

"Ultra Recall is an outstanding product, overall the best of its kind, and it is getting better month by month."

-- tfj  

"I LOVE UR! Tried a dozen or so document/information management programs before learning about UR. My quest was over as soon as I started using UR. THANK-YOU!"

-- John Hamby  

"What a fantastic product. I've been using it in my business for a few years now and couldn't manage without it. It's amazingly flexible, I have used it for client databases but I have also created a task management system and a database of legal knowledge. Well worth the fee."

-- Rebecca Seeley Harris  

"Let me commend you on a fantastic piece of software. Very well thought out and implemented. I have been looking for something like this for years."

-- Anonymous  

"I now think I have found the perfect product to implement GTD and keep me organised. I have modified your GTD sample and created forms to help me input data."

-- Stephen Blackman

"UR is probably the easiest to use product for saving/displaying web pages AND doing text-based work."

-- Daly de Gagne  

"Kudos and thank you for the help and making me realize everyday what a wise choice I made by investing in UR opposed to the competition."

-- JGM  

"Congratulations on an absolutely brilliant piece of software. Me and my colleagues have gone from not knowing about Ultra Recall to it being a focal point in our day-to-day operations in terms of personal and corporate document and information management."

-- Andrew Rutherford, Object Connections

"Just want to tell you that you guys are fantastic! Recent additions of hoisting and custom labeling just made my day, and made UR a step closer to becoming the ultimate PIM (it already is for me BTW)."

-- Kenneth Rhee  

"Brilliant! Consistent, relentless diligence in tracking down and fixing bugs and making Ultra Recall not only one of the very few comprehensive personal information management tools on the planet, but also safe and reliable."

-- igoldsmid  

"Kinook support is THE model for other software development companies."

-- PIMfan  

"Killer product, by the way. I'm just figuring it all out now, but am thrilled to replace my previous note managers with it."

-- Ellen Craw  

"In my opinion (and I've used virtually every other information manager on the market) Ultra Recall, even as a 1.0 release, stands head and shoulders above everything else out there."

-- Brad Konia  

"Only for a few days of learning, I find UR the most innovative PIM/KM product on the market as of today. I've never seen a similar one for the last 20 years. In addition, you provide the best online (heavily hyperlinked) manual and tech support in the industry."

-- Armstrong Wong  

"Wow! Congratulations on making a great product even better! I've used this tool every day for 2 years. It's indispensable."

-- Don McKenzie  

"Ultra Recall is a marvelous piece of software in my perception, a true gem of a programme. And has the advantage of being a well conceived management tool from its origin. But what has made this possible is that its developers seem to have envisioned what was really needed in the market of PIMs and have managed to pack a balanced and impressive bundle of features into UR."

-- Leroam  

"The more I use this program the better I like it...The program is simple, but powerful... I've been using Ultra Recall's templates to create templates for article queries, news releases, and follow ups. These templates alone should save me an hour or so a week."

-- Angela Booth  

"Thank you thank you thank you Kinook! What a way to listen to your loyal customers! Three cheers and all that. Well deserved. This goes considerably beyond what I had anticipated on the initial iteration of this capability. All I can say is WOW!"

-- wordmuse  

"I am an intense fan of yours. I use UR for everything. I have implemented the GTD outline in UR and it works wonderfully! I love your product. I tell everyone I run across that is looking for this type of product about it."

-- Jonathon Bock  

"Thanks for continuing to enhance this excellent product. I use UR almost every day for project management; it would be difficult to live without it."

-- wesperdue  

"UR is really one hell of a product...version 3 has definitely crossed the 'indispensable' line for me. I already use it for organizing graduate social science research references and authoring reports, managing nasty piles of technical documentation in software product R&D, managing contacts in a couple of different work environments."

-- TimP  

"I...now consider UR Professional an ESSENTIAL business software solution...which dramatically increases my personal productivity and effectiveness."

-- Daniel Holland

"...thank you for the upgrade I just received. The standard version installed seamlessly and quickly. I appreciate the support. UltraRecall has [become] one of my "must-have" programs. Like Windows, WinZip, and a few others, it is essential to efficient work on the computer. Yet I hardly ever give it a thought. Why? Because it just -- well .... It just works like it should. A pleasure to use."

-- Robert Angel  

"Ultra Recall seems to be a very well thought-out application. I expect it to help me remain afloat in the never-ending swamp of information I wade through daily. UltraRecall helps me maintain connection to a wide variety of data types within a single application. UltraRecall provides comprehensive search capabilities and simplifies data access."

-- Carl Palmgren  

"With the official release of version 3.0 of Ultra Recall, I would like to express my appreciation to the developers for creating such an outstanding and useful program."

"As a university professor actively engaged in teaching, research, and scholarly publication, in addition to organizing and coordinating a wide variety of projects, both academic/professional and personal, I have found Ultra Recall to be a truly essential and indispensable tool. Indeed, after using it for only a few months, I cannot understand how I ever managed without it."

"Ultra Recall's extraordinarily powerful capabilities for saving, organizing, and retrieving information of the most variegated sorts, for scheduling and project management, and, perhaps most important, for integrating information management and scheduling/project management functions, have made it a true "must have" program for me."

"I would also like to thank the UR team for their very fast and efficient customer support. Kudos, once again, on this splendid product!"

-- Dr. Leib Moscovitz

"Ultra Recall is a way better program than any other I have tried. When I looked for a way to store different kinds of data, I looked at several database programs. But no other program have this combination of versatility and ease of use. When I want to write text, I write it. I can even add a graphic. When I store HTML it is possible to store parts of a webpage, and recall it with the original formatting. Amazing. The amount of possibilities are endless. I can add reminders, or treat a topic as I want. It is an ideal workmate for my studies."

-- Joern Falsbaek

"...to be honest, knowing now how much I can do with it, and how much it helps me, I'd pay maybe 3 times more than kinook is asking for this software."

-- quant  

"ULTRA RECALL HAS JUST MADE MY WORK A WHOLE LOT EASIER...WELL DONE KINOOK...I use Ultra Recall every day searching a lot of data so I AM WELL PLEASED."

-- eno  

"I stumbled upon UR in a desperate search for a database system to hold all of the details of the 30 or 40 projects I was running. I spent three weeks downloading and testing 13 different products. I tried UR, liked it and bought it. Hunting the forums lead me to GTD. Thank you whom ever posted the GTD stuff. Thank you David Allen (Who wrote it). Little did I realise one year later would I be writing this note of thanks for saving my sanity, and most probably my job. GTD provides a methodology of thinking. UR delivers a brilliant tool to hold it together."

-- Lazlo24  

"...Ultra Recall so far has been a breath of fresh air. I'm enjoying the process of putting everything into UR. Usually at this point I would have broken the PIM/Info manager or realized its shortcomings, but UR continues to impress and amaze me. Thanks for a great product!"

-- Sharon Fling  

"Now that I've started putting everything into Ultra Recall, I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I'm finally able to get a handle on all the complexities of my life...One of the strengths of Ultra Recall is that it adapts to the way you think rather than forcing you to learn the way it thinks."

-- Brad Konia  

"Ultra Recall is awesome. I've tried Info Select and have been using MyBase for a while. Your app blows everything away and I can't believe it's a 1.0 version!"

-- Anonymous  

"You can't believe how many PIM's I have tested in the past. I have never found a real solution for all my informations, but now I am really happy."

-- Thomas Zmuck

"UR has been an INCREDIBLE tool for micro-managing a lot of data in a lot of different stages. You guys have a great product, and I'll be continuing to tell people about it in the future."

-- Erik Blythe  

"I've been using UR as a personal document management system for 6 to 8 months. I'm currently moving 6 years worth of information into UR to the tune of 6000 crucial documents. The built in search and the ability to have Office documents open within UR make it a good fit for that application. Logical linking is a true strength. So far so good with absolutely no complaints. UR does what it does and it does it extremely well."

-- Jeremy Schonhorn  

"I have been looking for something like Ultra Recall for a long time. I realize that different people have different needs, but for me Ultra Recall is just the right size. It is now my general knowledge base for software registration info, ideas, bits and pieces...Quite frankly a really super program. And it was easy to start using as I just loaded one of the sample database and modified it rather than trying to learn the program and develop an information structure at the same time."

-- Dexter Bell  

"I have had other PIM type software that I have kept notes with over the years, to name a few: Infoselect, Treepad, Winorganizer, MyInfo and now UR and I must say that right now I'm enjoying UR the most...I tested it for a week and then registered it almost 2 weeks ago, I couldn't be happier.

-- RalphCal  

"UR...is an extraordinarily powerful product - deceptively powerful in fact - the more I use it the more I like it and feel creative and unlimited in using it - I have found that with many other products of a 'similar' nature, the more I use them the more limitations and annoyances I've found. So although I am a person who tends to love experimenting with new tools one after the other, I find I am using UR all the time and dropping interest in the others. Well done for producing a superb tool!"

-- Ian Goldsmid  

"Ultra Recall has been full of pleasant surprises. In about five days, I've ended up pouring a lot of information into the program and have come to appreciate many of the unique features."

-- Chris Murtland  

"Thanks for being so responsive to the users' requests, with which you have demonstrated that the community of UR users count, and for developing a program with such a great deal of intelligence added."

-- Leoram  

"I really like this program. I use and try out a lot of software, and can't remember the last time that I woke up in the morning with ideas about how to use it."

-- Paul Falzer  

"I've found Ultra Recall addresses many of the limitations I've noted with Treepad. Congratulations on building this excellent, well performing product."

-- Tim Teebken  

"Itís totally cool. I can manage all my project tracking stuff, webpages, testing documents, everything from one place. Iím still evaluating it, but this is a winner. Oh, and it lets me do GTD stuff including the all-important 'show me my next actions' thing (using Kevinís cool new GTD template). Kudos!"

-- Kevin White  

"AWESOME program...Superior program that should be a requirement in EVERY office...PIMs have been difficult to find and when found have been pretty poorly written. Yours is the best...after purchasing yours, I consider the search for the perfect PIM finished."

-- Charles Butler  

"I recently learned about UR while I was struggling with MindManager. A disgruntled user mentioned in a forum your product, which I had never heard of, though I have tried just about every PIM and KM available, from AskSam 6.0 and EverNote 1.2 -- you name it, I've tried it, and in the process spent a lot of time and money for almost nothing. I still have most my data scattered all over the place, and I desperately need one program where I can store everything and find something when I need it. Well, I downloaded and installed your program, gave it a quick trial, and lo and behold, it's far superior to anything I've ever seen."

-- Tom Jernstad  

"I read somewhere on a search about outliners that someone asked how to describe what UR is. It's one of those things that either produces that kind of question, or in my own case, it produces 'Ah-Hah! Finally!' UR is something I've waited years to find. Version 2 was a tremendous help, but version 3 is so much better. Great work!"

-- Mike Hill  

"Let me say that UR is evolving beautifully. I find myself using it more and more. With UR I'm able to pull in the files and reorganize them in a way that makes sense. The linking ability makes instant reorganization extremely simple. It also makes backups a simple operation. I appreciate your craftsmanship and the robust behavior of the software."

-- Jeremy S.  

"I've been using UR for a couple of weeks now, and I'm enjoying some of its capabilities immensely."

-- Tim P.  

"I've been an information-manager/PIM junkie since Homebase in 1984, through a bunch, with heavy reliance at various times on GrandView, TreePad, Ecco, InfoHandler, KeyNote, NeoMem, Zoot...not to mention living in Outlook. I gotta say, Ultra Recall is truly outstanding, especially for version 1...You really did your homework."

-- John Alden  

"I had a clue of what it can do but it had not jelled for me how I could use it. I bet every user of Ultra Recall is going to have that moment when it all comes together if they give it enough time."

-- Anonymous  

"One of the reasons I bought your software is because it seemed clear that you were responsive to your users. I have most definitely not been disappointed."

-- Blair W.  

"The 'problem' (not really) is that UR is so feature rich that figuring everything out really does take a little diligence. This is a good thing! It's like having a top class clerk who really can do what you want him or her to do."

-- Anonymous  

"The speed of response on these [support] questions has been pretty amazing (and spectacular compared to some other sites I've dealt with)."

-- James Paul  

"Ultra Recall is a great product that I have searched for for a long time, good job!"

-- Sheng-chi Hsieh  

"Very good service and a very good product!"

-- Hartmut KŲnig  

"Your software is really a handy tool to keep data organised."

-- Eric Blotin  

"I'm trying UR for two days now - it's really an amazing tool."

-- Anonymous  

"This exciting program is quickly becoming indispensable."

-- Paul Falzer  

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