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Print Preview Dialog

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The Print Preview Dialog is used to preview printing of the selected items.  It provides several viewing options, including zoom in/out, viewing one or multiple pages.  It also provides the capability to change margins and the header/footer values and positions.


All Info Items that use the Internal Browser Viewer will use the Internet Explorer Print Preview Dialog.  All remaining Info Items will use the Ultra Recall Print Preview Dialog:


The following controls on the Print Preview Dialog provide access to the various Print Preview functionality:


PrintPreview_Zoom - this control allows you to specify a specific viewing zoom ratio

PrintPreview_ZoomIn - this button will zoom in (increase the viewing zoom ratio)

PrintPreview_ZoomOut - this button will zoom out (decrease the viewing zoom ratio)

PrintPreview_OnePage - this button will set the viewing zoom ratio to display one full page

PrintPreview_MultiplePages - this button provides direct access to different multiple page preview modes

PrintPreview_PageSetup - this button provides access to the Page Setup Dialog

PrintPreview_PrintSetup - this button provides access to the Print Setup Dialog

PrintPreview_Print - this button displays the Print Dialog


How to access:

Menu Bar: File | Print Preview
Standard Toolbar button


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