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Old 04-26-2006, 09:10 AM
emzee emzee is online now
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Paste HTML garbles non-ascii characters (esp. german umlauts)

I am just evaluating Ultra Recall. It seems that pasting HTML-Text ignores the UTF-8 encoding of the copied text.

So when I do the following:

- Mark and copy text in Firefox (eg. "Skype weitet Musikgeschft aus")
- Paste Special / Paste HTML into Ultra Recall

the text reads:
"Skype weitet Musikgeschäft aus"

"" garbles as "ÄÖÜäöüß".

Do I miss something? Is there an option to set the right encoding?


EDIT: This happens only when I use Firefox. This problem does not exist with IE.

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Old 04-26-2006, 02:39 PM
kevina kevina is online now
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When you drag or copy part of a webpage from Mozilla Firefox, the resulting html fragment doesn't contain a content-type/encoding meta tag (or even a head element), which is included in a typical complete web page (included in html fragments created by Internet Explorer).

The default encoding used by Internet Explorer (used internally by Ultra Recall) when none is specified is the default code page of the system. Since the saved html content is utf-8 but lacks an encoding meta-tag, the content will be rendered erroneously with the default codepage - causing the problem you describe.

The next release of Ultra Recall will workaround this issue by always ensuring that an encoding meta-tag is added to stored html fragments (ie. from Firefox) which eliminates this encoding ambiguity.
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Old 04-26-2006, 04:39 PM
emzee emzee is online now
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Join Date: 04-26-2006
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Thank you very much for the detailed answer. It's great to hear that this problem gets solved.
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