Windows XP Forever

Posted July 7th, 2008 by kyle

Windows XP is a great operating system, possibly the best desktop OS ever. It looks great, is very stable, performs well, and rarely requires rebooting. And unlike earlier versions of Windows, it hardly ever needs to be repaved (format + reinstall). I’ve been running Windows XP SP2 as installed with my PC for over 3 years.

But like everything in the universe, entropy is always increasing, so it can’t last forever. Well, a few weeks ago, Windows XP stopped recognizing my DVD drive, probably after uninstalling some software. I don’t use it much, but I knew that I would eventually need to, and my online searches for a fix came up empty. I briefly considered just switching to Vista (which I have installed on another partition but use only for testing), but I have not been impressed with it.

I even toyed with switching to Mac or Linux. I have an old Mac Mini and also experimented with Ubuntu in a virtual machine, and while both have come a long way in the last few years, I didn’t find either more compelling than XP. Plus, there will always be a few Windows applications that I need. My experience with running the Windows apps that I use under Wine has been dismal, and running them in a Windows virtual machine under Mac or Linux is not nearly as useable as running natively (and I would still need to have Windows installed there anyway).

I tried searching one more time on the DVD drive issue, and lo and behold, I found the very simple solution of cleaning up a few registry keys.

I also had some trouble installing Windows XP SP3, but quickly found a fix for that too. And installing SP3 resolved the other annoyance that had cropped up — all open applications encountering an Application Error on Windows shutdown (which I had been working around by using CloseAll).

So XP is now running like new again and I expect it will for many years to come. I’m not sure how Microsoft will handle activation of Windows XP when support ends, in case I ever do need to reinstall Windows, but it is possible to transfer activation.

And I’m not really worried about Microsoft no longer updating XP. I’ve never encountered a security related problem with it (even running as administrator and without anti-virus or anti-spyware), and there’s not much chance that a new security flaw will ruin that record.

And there’s always Windows 2000, or maybe Linux 2014.

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2 Comments on “Windows XP Forever”

  1. Jim McGowan Says:

    Amen to that!! My desktop computer runs XP Pro and my notebook runs Vista Ultimate – and I kick myself every day for getting a Vista notebook! I would try to “upgrade” to XP but Dell will have no part of that and is talking about voiding my warranty.

    I’ll get a Mac before ever getting Vista again.


  2. Paul Johnson Says:

    I had the same problem with not recognizing the dvd drive in xp. I went into control panel and device manager and deleted the old dvd driver. When I rebooted, it found it and it’s worked ever since. XP really should be considered the best OS so far!! Thanks.