Ultra Recall 2.0 released!!

Posted June 19th, 2006 by kevin

After a short beta period, Ultra Recall 2.0 was released on May 22, and is a free upgrade to all existing licensed Ultra Recall users. Here is the official announcement.
Note: on June 9, version 2.0a (a minor version update addressing some identified bugs) was released, the specific bugs fixed can be viewed here.

Ultra Recall version 2.0 adds an extensive list of new, useful features and enhancements, and adds an entry level “Standard” edition with a discounted price (the full featured program is now known as Ultra Recall Professional). I will highlight some of the major new functionality and changes as well as the levels of functionality provided by each edition.

New Features

  • Tabbed databases / Database Toolbar

    Ultra Recall is an MSDI application, which means it works similar to Microsoft Word or Excel by showing a separate “instance” of the main application for each open “document”.
    In Ultra Recall 1.x this meant that each open .urd file was displayed in a completely independent “instance” of Ultra Recall. You could copy and move items between the databases, but the only way to navigate between them was using the Windows entry of the Menu Bar, or the Windows Task Bar (or the related keyboard shortcuts).

    Ultra Recall 2.0 introduces a new toolbar, the Database Toolbar, which provides a convenient way to view which .urd files are opened and navigate between them from any instance of Ultra Recall. By default, Ultra Recall will start each “instance” in the same location as the first opened, providing seamless navigation between each instance regardless of whether the Database Toolbar or one of the other available database navigation methods is used. This really gives the best of the MDI and SDI architectures…

  • Tabbed items

    I have been using Firefox for a while and the main reason is that it supports multiple tabs. I guess this is somewhat ironic given the discussion above about how MSDI is a superior interface, but in the case of a browser, I find tabs to be helpful in organizing research of individual topics. Ultra Recall 2.0 adds the same functionality with the new ability to open multiple items in the same database in separate tabs. This makes it easier than ever to switch back and forth between items for researching, comparing items, keeping searches around, and more. Even many of the keyboard shortcuts are similar (Ctrl+T to create a new tab) and other methods to manage tabs are similar to Firefox which makes it easy to learn.

  • Run from USB

    Starting with Ultra Recall 2.0, you can install and run the entire application directly from a USB (aka “thumb”) drive. While the Ultra Recall viewer application is still available (which is another option to view Ultra Recall data on a remote computer), this new capability allows you to keep the full Ultra Recall application together with your data, giving you full access to your data on any computer with a USB port! The download link, straight-forward installation instructions, and documentation are available on this page of the online (or local) help file.

  • A new “Standard” edition of Ultra Recall

    Starting with Ultra Recall 2.0, the application is now available in three different editions: Viewer, Standard and Professional. The Professional edition retains all of the functionality of Ultra Recall 1.0, plus many new features, including the ones listed above. This version comparison matrix on our website shows some of the technical differences, but the intent of the new Standard version is to provide an inexpensive PIM with the essential functionality of the full Ultra Recall application. This “Standard” version retains the core distinctive features of Ultra Recall, including Logical Linking, web page capture, Outlook Express integration, text formatting, lightning quick searching, and much more, at the special price of only $39.

    Many more new features

    This blog introduced some of the major new features and capabilities provided with Ultra Recall 2.0, but many more new features and enhancements were also included which I will highlight in a followup blog in the near future. While development continues, we believe that Ultra Recall 2.0 has already matured into a major contender in the PIM market: feature-rich, intuitive, AND highly configurable and flexible. We invite you to try it today!

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  • One Comment on “Ultra Recall 2.0 released!!”

    1. Cris Tontchev Says:

      I have been evaluating UltraRecall (UR) software for few days, and I think this is a great tool for collecting and storing research data. Based on these few days of UR usage, I would like to suggest few things for your next release.

      - keywords Highlighting when searching
      - grab references from webpages (auhor, title, URI, date,..)
      - ability to create internal linking betwewn infoitems with link name

      Congratulations to UltraRecall Developers!