Keeping a journal with Ultra Recall

Posted March 9th, 2006 by kyle

We recently added a journal sample to Ultra Recall. While Ultra Recall can do much more than just manage a journal, it is very good at the task, which this new sample highlights. The sample demonstrates using templates and other Ultra Recall features and contains a pre-configured journal hierarchy. A tutorial about managing a journal in Ultra Recall is also available.

The Journal.urd sample was created with the assumption that a journal entry is typically created on a daily basis (but not necessarily restricted to this schedule). A hierarchy that stores the journal entries by year and month was desired for organizational purposes, as well as a way to quickly view or find entries by topic or time period, sorted by date. The sample shows one method of creating a journal hierarchy in Ultra Recall, but you are certainly not constrained to this design – the flexibility of Ultra Recall allows limitless configurations.

Listing 1: Basic hierarchy

Listing 1: Journal.urd basic hierarchy

The sample uses three custom templates (Year, Month, and Journal Entry), which combined simplify the process of adding Journal Entries that are organized by year and month.

The Journal Entry template is a new Text template, with an appropriate icon assigned. New journal entries will use this template, allowing you to search for “Journal Entries” (grouping), they will have a unique icon (visual indicator), and the template can have “boilerplate” text added. The Month template is also based on the Text template, and has a new icon assigned. In addition, it has a Default Child Template value of “Journal Entry,” which causes pressing the Insert key to add a new Journal Entry child by default. Finally, the Year template (also a Text template with a special icon) has 12 Month items as children (named for the 12 months) and a saved search already assigned.

Listing 2: Sample templates

Listing 2: Journal.urd templates

As you can see when you open Journal.urd in Ultra Recall, an existing Year template (named 2006) exists, with the twelve Month items under it, and a few sample Journal Entry items under the January item. In the future you will only need to insert new Journal Entries (under the appropriate Months) or Years (when you insert a new Year, the child Month items are automatically created). This is standard Ultra Recall functionality and can be extended for more complicated scenarios limited only by your imagination.

Some of the Ultra Recall features that are very applicable to keeping a journal include strong password encryption, automatic spell-checking, single data file storage (easy backup and transport), Logical Linking, and the ability to store almost anything with your journal entries. If a web page, email, document, image, or text is related to a journal entry, you can simply drag or copy it into Ultra Recall and add it as a child of the journal entry. Or conversely, if you want to link one journal entry to another or under another organizational hierarchy, you can do that as well.

Other applications can be used to manage a journal but Ultra Recall excels at the task while offering many additional capabilities. Ultra Recall quickly becomes indispensable by managing your scheduled tasks, archiving your emails, documents, web pages and text together (organized topically, chronologically, etc.), then facilitating the recall of everything added with powerful search capabilities.

Give Ultra Recall a try today!

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2 Comments on “Keeping a journal with Ultra Recall”

  1. Mike Thomas Says:

    I,m looking for a daily log type program for window xp, this is for fire department use. a want to get to this daily log from my desktop icon. but i do not want to go online. just a program like outlook express calander program but you dont have to go into outlook to get to it. in other words a stand alone daily log calander program.

    Thank you Fire Chief Mike Thomas

  2. kyle Says:

    Ultra Recall would work well for that.