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ZIP Files Action Options Tab

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This tab of the ZIP Files action specifies the additional options about the compression operation.


Include only if archive attribute is set: If checked, only files with the Archive attribute set are included.


Reset the archive attribute: If checked, after adding/updating a file, the archive attribute is cleared in the source file.


Include hidden and system files: Determines whether files with the system or hidden attribute will be included.


Compression factor: A numeric value indicating the level of compression (required).  0 or 10 = no compression (fastest method since files are simply stored); 1-9 = compression via the Deflate method varying from minimal compression/fast method (1) to maximal compression/slower method (9); 11-19 = compression via the Enhanced Deflate method varying from minimal compression/fast method (11) to maximal compression/slower method (19).


Note: Some older ZIP utilities cannot read files compressed with Enhanced Deflate compression.


Delete existing output file before starting: If checked and the output file exists, it is deleted before the compression operation starts.


Log files that are processed: If checked, any files added or updated to the output file are logged.


Skip locked files: If checked, causes the action to not include any files that are currently locked or in exclusive use by another process.


Append to existing file: If checked, appends to an existing ZIP file without creating a temporary file.  If unchecked, creates a temporary ZIP file and replaces the original file when done.


Store filenames in 8.3 format: If checked and if any of the selected files have long filenames in their path, those filenames are modified to create short filenames in the output file by removing any spaces and taking the first characters (8 for folders/files and 3 for extensions) of each file component. For example, the filename my new folder\my long filename.extension would be changed to mynewfol\mylongfi.ext.


Generate PKZIP 2.04g compatible file: If checked, when creating ZIP files, the action will create ZIP files that can be read by very old ZIP tools such as PKZIP 2.04g, and will be fully compatible with the original PKWare 2.04g file format specification.  This has some limitations: filenames in the ZIP file will be converted to the OEM character set first (preventing special characters such as the Euro character from being recorded as part the filename in the ZIP file) and limits the ZIP file to 65,535 files and 4 GB in size.  A Compression Factor less than 10 must also be used for full compatibility.  When creating gzip files, checking this option will cause long filenames to be ignored.


Comment: Specifies a comment to be stored in the output file (optional).