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WSDL Action WSDL Tab

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This tab of the WSDL Action action specifies general settings.


WSDL URL or filename: The URL to a WSDL contract file (.wsdl), XSD schema file (.xsd), or discovery document (.disco). Note that you cannot specify a URL to a .discomap discovery document, or the path to a local WSDL contract file (.wsdl), XSD schema file (.xsd), or discovery document (.disco or .discomap).  Required.


File to save generate proxy code to: Specifies the file in which to save the generated proxy code (optional). The tool derives the default file name from the XML Web service name. The tool saves generated datasets in different files.


Base URL to use when calculating URL fragment: Specifies the base URL to use when calculating the URL fragment (optional). The tool calculates the URL fragment by converting the relative URL from this field to the URL in the WSDL document. You must specify the previous field with this option.


Configuration key to read default value for URL when generating code: Specifies the configuration key to use in order to read the default value for the URL property when generating code (optional).


Language to use for generated proxy class: Specifies the language to use for the generated proxy class (optional). You can specify CS (C#; default), VB (Visual Basic), JS (Jscript) or VJS (Visual J#) as the language argument. You can also specify the fully qualified name of a class that implements the System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider Class.


Protocol to implement: Specifies the protocol to implement (optional). You can specify SOAP (default), HttpGet, HttpPost, or a custom protocol specified in the configuration file.