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WSDL Action Options Tab

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This tab of the WSDL Action configures additional options.


Namespace for generated proxy: Specifies the namespace for the generated proxy or template. The default namespace is the global namespace (optional).


Display errors in error reporting format: Displays errors in a format similar to the error reporting format used by language compilers.


Generate abstract class: Generates an abstract class for an XML Web service based on the contracts. The default is to generate client proxy classes.


Quiet mode: Suppresses the startup banner display.


Override executable filename: Overrides the default executable (WSDL.exe).  If not specified, the 32-bit edition of Visual Build calls the 32-bit version of WSDL.exe, and the 64-bit edition of Visual Build calls the 64-bit version of WSDL.exe if available.


Additional command-line options: Use this field to enter any additional command-line options to be added to the call that is constructed (optional).