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Write XML Action XPath tab

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This tab of the Write XML action specifies the XPath expression and text to update or create.


XPath expression: An XPath expression that identifies the node(s) to update (required).


Force XPath query language for MSXML v3: If checked and MSXML v3 is used, the query language will be set to XPath (XPath is always used by newer versions of MSXML).


Attribute to update: The name of an attribute within the specified node(s) to create or update (optional).  If blank, the text for the node(s) matching the XPath expression will be updated.


Create element/attribute: If the specified element or attribute does not exist and this option is checked, it will be created.  If it does not exist and this option is unchecked, an error will occur.


Delete element/attribute: Deletes the specified element or attribute if found.


Text to assign: The text to set the matching element or attribute value to (optional).


Append: Whether to append to or replace any existing value.


Update all matching nodes: If checked, all matching nodes will be updated; if unchecked, only the first matching node will be updated.


Note: Bracket characters [ and ] and the percent sign character % within step fields have special meaning in a step field.