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Write XML Action File tab

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This tab of the Write XML action specifies information about the file to be processed.


Filename: Name of an existing XML file to update (required).


Do not validate against DTD or schema: If checked, the document will not be validated against a document type definition (DTD), schema, or schema cache.


Do not resolve external definitions: If checked, external definitions, resolvable namespaces, DTD external subsets, and external entity references will not be resolved at parse time, independent of validation.


Prohibit inclusion of a DTD: Determines whether inclusion of a DTD is allowed or prohibited.


Preserve white space: If checked, preserves white space in the document.


Enable XSLT script code execution: Determines whether <msxsl:script> element functionality is allowed.


Enable document function: Determines whether the document function is allowed.


Use inline schemas for validation: Determines whether inline schemas should be processed for validation.


Make file writeable: If checked and the file is read-only on disk, the read-only attribute will be removed before saving.