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WiX Action Project Tab

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This tab of the WiX action specifies common WiX settings.


Input file: The WiX input file to process (required, .wxs for compile or compile+link operation; .wixobj for link operation; .msi for decompile operation; directory, filename, or web site for harvest operation).


Operation: The operation to perform.  Compile calls the WiX compiler (candle.exe); Link calls the linker (light.exe); Decompile calls the decompiler (dark.exe); and Harvest calls the harvester (heat.exe).


Output level: Specifies the level of logging.


Pedantic checks: Specifies pedantic checking to perform (optional).


Warning level: Specifies the warning level.


Treat warnings as errors: Specifies whether warnings will fail the step.


Suppress output of logo information: Self-explanatory.


Suppress schema validation of documents: If checked, no validation of documents is performed.


Extension assembly: Specifies an extension assembly or class, assembly (optional).


WiX path: Specifies the path containing the WiX compiler, linker, decompiler, and harvester command-line tools (optional).  If not specified, the action will attempt to locate WiX automatically.