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Wise Setup Action Wise Tab

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This tab of the Wise action specifies information about the script being compiled.


Filename: The filename of the script to compile.


Property names/values: Set property or compiler variable values to be passed to the install script.  Enter a property name and its value in the edit fields, and click Insert to add to the list.  Select an item in the list to update its value or delete it from the list.


Fields that apply to Wise for Windows Installer:


Release: Compile only the specified release from an installation containing multiple releases (optional).


Output file: Sets output file to the specified path+filename (must be an absolute path).



Note: For Wise for Windows Installer, the following VBScript code can be used in the Wise step's vbld_StepStarted script event to update values in tables of the script:


' create the Wise automation object

Set wise = CreateObject("WFWI.Document")


' open the install script

fname = Step.ExpProperty(Builder, "Filename")

wise.Open fname


' update a value in the Summary table

Set tblSumm = wise.WTables("Summary")

tblSumm.WRows.Row("Comments").WColumns("Value").Data = Application.ExpandMacrosAndScript("%PROJ_COMMENT%")


' save changes to the script

wise.Save fname