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SourceSafe Action Database Tab

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This tab of the SourceSafe action configures information about the database to use and operation to perform.


Operation: The VSS operation to perform (required).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list.  Other operations may also work but are not explicitly supported (if the operation does not work correctly via the action, a Run Program action can be created which uses the SSHELPER tool/macro directly -- see below).  See the VSS help for details on the available operations.


Database: The path to the SourceSafe database to operate on (required).  This must be the full path (\\server\share[\path] or <drive>:\path1\[path2...]) to the folder containing the srcsafe.ini file for the database.  The Browse button can be used to locate the database.


Username: The VSS username to login with.  If the username of the currently logged in Windows user also exists in the database, the username and password field can be left blank, and that user identity will be used when logging in.


Password: Password of the VSS username in the database.


Projects and files to process: One or more VSS projects, masks, or filenames to perform the operation on.  Project names are prefixed with $ and use slashes rather than backslashes for folder delimiters.


Perform operation recursively: If this option is checked and the previous field contains one or more folders or masks, VSS will search recursively into those folders for matching files.


Version to operate on: If left blank, the current (most recent) version of all matching files in the database will be used.  To operate on a specific version number, enter the version number; to process all files on or before a given date, enter a string in the format Dmm/dd/yy; to process all files as of a given label, enter LMyLabelName in this field.


Path for local files or label to apply: For all operations except Label, this specifies the drive+path to place files that are retrieved from the database; if the field is left empty, the path used is determined by some SourceSafe Explorer options (for reliability, especially with automated builds, it is highly recommended that the path or a macro containing the path be specified here).  For Label operations, enter the label to apply in this field.