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Virtual Server Operation Tab

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This tab of the Virtual Server action specifies the operation and machine information.


Operation: The virtual machine operation to perform.

Computer: The name of the computer hosting the virtual machine (optional, blank for local computer).


Machine: The name of the virtual machine, or filename when registering a machine (required).  For operations other than Register, * in this field indicates to perform the operation on all virtual machines on the given server, and a regular expression can also be entered in this field to perform the operation on all machine names matching the regular expression.


Wait for completion: If checked, the action will wait for the related task to complete before continuing.  For the Startup option, if checked, the action will also wait for the guest operating system to start and begin reporting a heartbeat (Virtual Machine Additions must be installed on the guest OS to use this option).


Log progress: Causes percent completion of the task to be reported if that information is available (enter blank or 0 to disable).


Note: For the Report operation, the state of the last matching PC will be stored in the VIRTUALSERVER_VM_STATE temporary macro.  The state values are as follows:

Invalid                0

Turned off        1

Saved                2

Turning on        3

Restoring        4

Running                5

Paused                6

Saving                7

Turning off        8

Merging drives        9

Delete machine        10