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Team Test Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Team Test action configures additional options.


Test settings file: Enter or browse to a settings file to use (optional).


Results file: Enter or browse to a results file to save the test run results to (optional).


Additional command-line options: Use this field to enter any additional Team Test command-line options to be added to the call that is constructed.  See the MSTest help for details on the available command-line flags.


Override the Team Test executable filename: If not specified, the action locates the MSTest or Team Test console application automatically.  If the action is unable to locate the command-line tool or multiple versions are installed, browse to or enter the full drive+path+filename here.


Note: This action uses the DEVSTUDIO_NET_DIR macro to locate the base directory of the Visual Studio installation path (it appends Common7\IDE\mstest.exe to the path in that macro) .  A global DEVSTUDIO_NET_DIR macro for the latest version of Visual Studio is initialized during installation and can be updated manually or reset to its default value by clicking the Reload button on the File Locations tab of the Application Options dialog.  Or a project or temporary DEVSTUDIO_NET_DIR macro can be created to specify the path to use.


No startup message: If checked, no startup banner and copyright message will be output.


Run tests within MSTest process: Improves test run speed but increases risk to the MSTest process.


Do not save test results: Do not save the test results in a TRX file.  Improves test run speed but does not save the test run results.