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Team Test Action Test Tab

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This tab of the Team Test action configures information about the test(s) to perform.


Metadata file: Browse to or enter a test metadata file that contains the tests to run (optional):

A test metadata .vsmdi file is created for the solution when creating test lists using the Test Manager window. This file contains information about all the tests listed in the Test Manager window. These are all the tests that exist in all test projects in the solution.  The test metadata file is an XML file that is created in the solution folder.  When specifying a test metadata file, it is recommended to also enter specific tests to run in the Test lists fields.


Test containers (one per line): Browse to or enter test container files (optional):

For ordered tests, the test container is the .orderedtest file that defines the ordered test.
For unit tests, it is the assembly built from the test project that contains the unit test source files.


Test lists: Specifies tests list to be run as specified in the metadata file (optional, one per line).


Run configuration file: Enter or browse to a run configuration file (optional).  A run configuration file can be specified in other ways, such as by using a test metadata file. Specifying a run configuration file here overrides the value in a test metadata file.  If not specified here or in the metadata file, the test run uses the default run configuration file.


Unique: Checking this field instructs Team Test to run only a single test whose name matches the values in the Test cases field.