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Team Foundation Action Resolve Tab

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This tab of the Team Foundation action configures additional options for the Resolve command.


Auto: Resolves outstanding conflicts between differing versions of specified items in the current workspace using one of the following options:

AcceptMerge: instructs Team Foundation to reconcile non-overlapping content differences between the specified workspace version of an item and the latest repository version automatically. If Team Foundation cannot reconcile differences automatically, either because the file is binary or because the workspace and repository versions contain overlapping content changes, the conflict remains unresolved pending the selection of one of the following manual merge options.
AcceptTheirs: instructs Team Foundation to overwrite workspace revisions with the repository revision.
AcceptYours: instructs Team Foundation to keep your changes and discard the changes in the repository version of an item.


Override/convert: Specifies either

an optional encoding that overrides the encoding of the files involved in a three-way merge (Team Foundation saves the resulting merge output in the specified encoding in your workspace) or
the optional encoding to which each of the inputs in a three-way merge operation should be temporarily converted (Team Foundation saves the resulting merge output in the specified encoding in your workspace).


Preview: Displays merge conflicts but does nothing with them.