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Team Foundation Action Merge Tab

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This tab of the Team Foundation action configures additional options for the Merge command.


Preview: Shows a preview of the merge.


Force: Ignores the merge history and merges the specified changes from the source into the destination, even if some or all of these changes have been merged before.


Candidate: Prints a list of all changesets in the source that have not yet been merged into the destination. The list should include the changeset ID that has not been merged and other basic information about that changeset.


Discard: Does not actually perform the merge operation, but updates the merge history to reflect that the merge has occurred. You can use this option to instruct Team Foundation to not merge the specified change into the destination.


Baseless: Performs a merge in the absence of a basis version.


No Summary: Omits summary of errors and warnings when doing so requires more than 10 lines of output.