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Team Foundation Action Command Tab

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This tab of the Team Foundation action configures the source control command to perform and related information.


Command: The Team Foundation command to perform (required).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list.  See the Team Foundation Command Line Reference for details on the available commands.


Old item: The name and path of the file or folder that is to be renamed or branched (required; applies only to Branch and Rename commands).


Item spec: Identifies one or more items, files and folders, destination, shelveset, or workspace to be processed, depending on the command, one per line (required for most commands).


An itemspec, which is short for item specification, is a set of one or more characters that Team Foundation attempts to resolve as an addressable item or set of items, either on your computer or in the source control repository.  For all Team Foundation commands that accept an item spec, you can specify either local file system paths such as c:\projects or UNC paths such as \\myshare\projects or repository paths such as $/projects/myfiles.  For local paths, you can provide relative paths. For example, if the Local path field is c:\projects and you want to check out all items in a subdirectory of the projects folder, you can enter an item spec of .\* or abc\*.  If your item spec specifies a repository path, it must be fully-qualified. For example, you cannot check out all items beneath the $/projects folder using ./* as your item spec.


Recurse: Whether to recursively process subfolders.


Local path: The local drive and path to use when processing the command (required for most commands unless a Set Current Dir action is used to set the path).


Server: Identifies the Team Foundation server (optional). This field is required if the command is invoked from a directory that is not mapped to a workspace.


Username: Identifies the user to login as (optional) in the format domain\username or username.


Password: Specifies the login user's password (optional).


Version: The version of the item for the command to operate on (optional). You can specify a version using the following formats:

Version number (V2)
Date/time (D10/20/2005)
Changeset number (C1256)
Label (Lmylabel)
Latest version (T or blank)
Workspace (Wworkspacename)


Lock type: Specifies a lock type or removes a lock from an item:

None: Removes a lock from an item.
Checkin: Allows an item to be checked out and edited in all workspaces but prevents users from checking in changes to the item outside this workspace until you explicitly release the checkin lock. If the specified item is locked in any other workspace, the lock operation fails.
Checkout: Prevents users from checking in or checking out any of the specified items until you explicitly release the lock. If any other users have locked any of the specified items, or if there are existing pending changes against any item, the lock operation fails.


File type: Overrides extension-based file type matching and adds files to the repository using the specified type (optional). For more information see the MSDN help topic on file types.