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Team Build Action v2008+ Tab

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This tab of the Team Build action configures options specific to Team Foundation Build 2008 and later.


Insert start request into build queue: If this option is checked, the build start request is inserted into the build queue (applies only to Start command). Note: The TEAMBUILD_BUILDID macro will not be populated if this option is checked.


Priority: Specifies the build queue priority (optional).


Files to get: Specifies the files to get from version control.


Version of files to build: Specifies the custom version of files to get if Custom is specified in previous field: Date/time (D10/20/2005), Changeset version (C1256), Label (Lmylabel), Latest version (T), or Workspace version (Wworkspacename;owner).


User requesting build: User who is requesting the build.


MSBuild arguments: Use this field to enter arguments to pass to MSBuild (optional).