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Run SQL Action Server Tab

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This tab of the Run SQL action specifies server and login settings.


Server: The database server to connect to (optional).  If not specified, the SQL Server checks for the environment variables and uses those, for example, osqluser=(user) or osqlserver=(server). If no environment variables are set, the workstation user name is used.


Database: The name of the database to access (optional).  If you do not specify a server, the name of the workstation is used.


Security: Either SQL Server integrated security can be used or an explicit username and password can be specified.


Abort batch on error: Specifies that SQLCMD exits with a failure exit code when an error occurs.  The exit code returned is 1 when the SQL Server error message has a severity of 10 or greater; otherwise, the value returned is 0.


Show numbering: If unchecked, removes numbering and the prompt symbol (>) from input lines.