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Run SQL Action Output Tab

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Use this tab to redirect the output from the command to a file if desired.


Send output to: Standard output or a file.  With either choice, the output will be logged by Visual Build and will be available in the LASTSTEP_OUTPUT system macro.


Column width: Specifies the screen width for output (optional).  The column width must be a number greater than 8 and less than 65536. If the specified column width does not fall into that range, sqlcmd generates and error message. The default width is 80 characters. When an output line exceeds the specified column width, it wraps on to the next line.


Column separator: Specifies the column-separator character (optional). The default is a blank space. To use characters that have special meaning to the operating system such as the ampersand (&), or semicolon (;), enclose the character in quotation marks ("). The column separator can be any 8-bit character.


Fixed-length type display width: Specifies the display width for fixed length fields (optional). The default is 0 (unlimited). Limits the number of characters that are returned for the following data types:


char(n), where 1<=n<=8000
nchar(nn), where 1<=n<=4000
varchar(nn), where 1<=n<=8000
nvarchar(nn), where 1<=n<=4000
varbinary(nn), where 1<=n<=4000


Variable-length type display width: Specifies the display with for variable length fields (optional).  The default is 256.  A value of 0 will truncate the output at 1MB.  It limits the number of characters that are returned for the large variable length data types:


UDT (user-defined data types)


No column headers: If checked, no column headers will be printed.


Print performance statistics: If checked, prints performance statistics.