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SourceAnywhere Action Flags Tab

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This tab of the SourceAnywhere action configures additional flags that apply to the command.


User: Used with Get File History. If not specified, the history of all uses is returned.


Checkin: Checkin the file.


Undo: Undo checking out.


Keep: Used with CheckIn File and CheckIn Project. If present, will keep checkout status after the checkin.


Include file history: Used with Show Project History. If present, will show file history together with project history.


Not read-only: Used with CheckIn Project, CheckIn File, Undo CheckOut Project, Undo CheckOut File, Add File and Add Folder. If present, will not change the file attribute. If not present, will make file read-only.


No compression: Turns off compression.


Timestamp of retrieved files: Specifies the timestamp of files retrieved (optional).


End-of-line terminator: Specifies line terminators used in text files (optional).