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SourceAnywhere Action Database Tab

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This tab of the SourceAnywhere action configures information about the server and database to use.


Server: The fully qualified machine name or IP address of a running Dynamsoft server (required).


Port: The port number of the server (required).  Default port is 8787 for SourceAnywhere for VSS and 7777 for SourceAnywhere Standalone.


User name: The user name used for logging into the Dynamsoft Server (required).


Password: The user's password (required).


Alias: The alias that the Dynamsoft Server has defined to point to a SourceSafe database (optional, applies to SourceAnywhere for VSS only). This name is specified under the Databases section of the Dynamsoft Server Manager.


Temporary directory: Set the local temporary directory (optional). The default temporary directory is the Dynamsoft temporary directory specified in the ServerInfo->General Settings section of the Dynamsoft Server Manager.


Verbose logging: Outputs verbose status messages, such as connections, server responses, etc.