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SourceOffSite Action Flags Tab

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This tab of the SourceOffSite action configures flags that apply to the command.


Label: A label that can be associated with a particular project version (optional).


Recursive: If this option is checked, a project level command will be performed recursively.


Permanent: Used with the Delete command. Permanently deletes a file or project from the database.


Skip writable: Used with Get Project command.  If checked, prevents checked out files or other writable files from being overwritten.


New name: Used with the Rename command.  The new name of a project or file that is being renamed.


Branch: Used with the Share File and Share Project command.  If present, will perform a branch operation immediately after the share.


Share to: Used with the Share File and Share Project commands.  The project into which a file or project will be shared.


No cache: If checked, prevents the Command Line Client from using the SourceOffSite cache file (databaseX.sos) when retrieving files.  Use of this  parameter will force the Command Line Client to retrieve ALL files, regardless of whether the files have changed or not and retrieve files to the directory from which the soscmd command was issued (unless a working directory is specified).


No compression: Turns off compression.