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SCM Anywhere Action Flags Tab

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This tab of the SCM Anywhere action configures flags that apply to the command.


Recursive: If this option is checked, a project level command will be performed recursively.


Label: A label that can be associated with a particular project version (optional).


Permanent: Used with the Delete command. Permanently deletes a file or project from the database.


New name: Used with the Rename command.  The new name of a project or file that is being renamed.


Branch to: Used with the Share File and Share Project command.  If present, will perform a branch operation immediately after the share.


Share to: Used with the Share File and Share Project commands.  The project into which a file or project will be shared.


Date range: Used with the Get File History and Get Project History commands.  When used with Get File History, a list of valid date, only required two value, the formats is "datefrom|dateto", the first is date from, the second is date to. If not present, query the data from current time to one year ago. When used with Get Project: only required one value. The parameter can take a variety of formats. For example, the following strings contain acceptable date/time formats: "16 June 2005", "June 16, 2005  6:10:00", "6:10:00 June 16, 2005", "6/16/2005 6:10:00".


Make local files writable: Makes the local files writable. Used with Get Latest Files, Get Old Version File, Get File, and Get Project.