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Scheduled Builds Automatic Setup

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Two methods are available for quickly creating a Scheduled Task for scheduling builds:

1) Choose Create Scheduled Task on the Tools menu.  A new scheduled task is created for the current project, with all existing temporary macros added as command-line parameters for the call.

2) Click the Create Scheduled Task button from the VisBuildPro Project action.  A new scheduled task is created and the command-line flags set according to the values configured in the step.


After the task is created, the task's property pages are displayed.



For Scheduled Tasks (Windows 2000, XP, 2003), in order for the task to successfully run, the user's password must be entered by clicking the Set Password button on the Task tab.  If this is not done, the task will not be able to start.
For Task Scheduler (Windows Vista and later), you may wish to adjust the credentials on the task's General tab (by default, the task is configured to run as the interactive user only when the user is logged on) and configure other conditions and settings on the associated tabs.


By default, the task is scheduled to run daily, starting three minutes after the task was created; this schedule can be modified on the Schedule tab for Scheduled Tasks and the Triggers tab for Task Scheduler (builds can also be scheduled to run monthly, weekly, once, at startup, when idle, on multiple schedules, etc.).  After entering and confirming the account password and making any scheduling changes, click OK to accept the changes.  The Scheduled Tasks or Task Scheduler window will then be displayed, showing the new task and any other existing tasks.  To run the task immediately, right-click on the task on choose Run, or wait for the scheduled time to pass and the task will be started and the project loaded and built.



When created from the Tools menu, a user option determines whether the GUI or Console app is used.  When created from the VisBuildPro Project action, the action settings determine which executable is launched.  To launch the Console App instead of the GUI App, change VisBuildPro.exe in the Run field to VisBuildCmd.exe.
The Windows Task Scheduling service must be started in order for Scheduled Tasks to run.
The file SchedLgU.Txt in the Windows, WINNT, or Windows\Tasks folder can be used to view the launch and completion status of each scheduled task.
The account the scheduled task runs under may not have the necessary permissions to network shares and other network resources network that might be accessed during a build.  One option for resolving share permissions is to add a step which maps a network drive using the credentials of a user with appropriate rights, then reference that drive in build steps, and disconnect the network drive at the end of the build.
On Windows Vista and later, programs (even those started by an administrator) do not run with administrative privileges and may not have the necessary rights for building (registering, copying files, modifying the registry, etc.).  To avoid this problem, configure the task to run under an administrator account, and on the General tab of the Task properties dialog, check the Run with highest privileges checkbox.  Another option is to disable UAC.