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RunProgram2 Method

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Creates a process to run an external application, logging any output that the process generates.



This is an extended version of RunProgram with two additional parameters: pwdCommand and useWaitProperty.
This method cannot be called from script code because the exitCode parameter is required, passed by reference, and of type Long.  Use RunProgramEx2 instead.




builder.RunProgram2(ByVal command As String, ByVal pwdCommand As String, ByVal useWaitProperty As Boolean, ByVal startIn As String, exitCode As Long, ByVal outputLoc As OutputLocEnum = vbldOutputStdout, ByVal outputFile As String = "", ByVal delOutFile As Boolean = False, ByVal window As Boolean = False, ByVal wait As Boolean = True, ByVal successCodes As String = "0") As StepStatusEnum





       Required.  The command for the program to run with any passwords obscured (if provided, this is the command that will be logged if the Log the command-line option on the Advanced tab is checked).



       Specifies whether the step's wait property (the Wait for completion option on the Advanced tab) will be used.


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Applies to Builder object

See RunProgram method for other parameters and additional details