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Rename Files Action Rename tab

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This tab of the Rename Files action specifies what files or folders should be renamed.


Folder: The source directory to rename files and folders in (required).


Note: You can also specify a path and filename or path and file mask in this field (instead of using the Include field).


Items to process: Used to specify files and folders to specifically include or exclude (optional).


Process subdirectories: Determines if subdirectories will be searched recursively for renaming.


Rename matching folders: If checked, matching folders will also be renamed.  If unchecked, only matching filenames will be renamed.


Do not rename matching files: If checked, only matching folders will be renamed.  If unchecked and Rename matching folders is checked, matching folders and files will be renamed.


Do not rename: If checked, no files or folders will be renamed, but any enabled logging will be displayed and a count of files and folders that would have been renamed will be logged.  Useful for debugging purposes.


Log files and folders that are renamed: If checked, any files or folders that are renamed will be logged.


Log files and folders that are processed but not renamed: If checked, files or folders that matched the include/exclude list but already matched the replace value will also be logged.