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Remote Tab

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This tab of the Read Registry and Write Registry actions is used to connect to a remote computer or specify alternate user credentials.


Computer: A remote computer to connect to (optional).  If blank, the local computer's registry is modified.


Note: To access the registry on a remote computer, the Remote Procedure Call and Remote Registry services on the remote computer must be started.  Your network configuration may also need to be adjusted to allow access through Windows Firewall.  If the computer is joined to a workgroup and the Force network logons using local accounts to authenticate as Guest policy is enabled, this action will fail to connect to a remote computer's registry (this policy is enabled by default for a computer that is joined to a workgroup).


Username: Specifies the user account that will be used to connect to the registry (optional).  If blank, the current user identity will be used.  To specify a domain, use the format domain@username.


Password: Specifies the password of the user account (optional).