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Read XML Action XPath tab

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This tab of the Read XML action specifies the XPath expression to query.


XPath expression: An XPath expression that identifies the nodes to query (required).


Force XPath query language for MSXML v3: If checked and MSXML v3 is used, the query language will be set to XPath (XPath is always used by newer versions of MSXML).


Attribute to query: The name of an attribute within the specified nodes to query (optional).  If blank, the text for the first node matching the XPath expression will be used.


Retrieve all matching nodes: If checked, all matching nodes will be retrieved; if unchecked, only the first matching node will be retrieved.  The Loop action can be used to process all matching nodes and stored as an array in the temporary macro.


Fail step if element or attribute not found: If the specified element or attribute does not exist and this option is checked, the step will fail.  If it does not exist and this option is unchecked, the default value will be used.


Default value: The text to set the matching element or attribute value to (optional).


Return MSXML object: If checked, the matching MSXML node list object will be stored in the temporary macro (useful for iterating over a collection of elements or attributes with the Loop action), and the Attribute to query, Retrieve all matching nodes (all matching nodes will be returned), Default value and Append options do not apply.


If unchecked, the matching value(s) will be stored in an array value in the specified macro.


Note: Bracket characters [ and ] and the percent sign character % within a macro's value have special meaning in a macro value.