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Read File Action File Tab

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This tab of the Read File action specifies the text to read and regular expression matching properties.


Read text from: The file or string to read text from (required).


Case-sensitive matching: If unchecked, matches are case-insensitive; if checked the case must match when searching.


Dot does not match newline: Causes . (period character) to not match newline characters (negates Perl /s modifier).


Allow comments and ignore white space (Perl extended mode): If checked, white space outside of character classes is (mostly) ignored and anything following an unescaped # character is treated as a comment.


Encoding (code page): The encoding or Windows code page that will be used when reading and writing the file (optional).  If left blank, the system code page (CP_ACP) will be used or the encoding specified by the BOM if the file contains a BOM (byte order mark).  Other common encodings for files are UTF-8, Unicode (UTF-16 LE), Windows-1252, Cyrillic, Chinese, and other encodings or code pages supported by Windows (see the Microsoft Global Development web site and MSDN Unicode topics for more details).


Convert null bytes to spaces: If checked, any null bytes in a binary file will be converted to spaces.  If unchecked, only data up to the first null byte in a binary file will be read.