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Customizing Panes

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The various application panes can be customized to suit your particular needs (similar to pane customization in Visual Studio):


1.Panes can be docked around the perimeter of the main window, docked together in a tabbed group, or undocked/floated and moved anywhere on the screen.  Toggle the docked state of a pane by double-clicking the pane's caption bar, right-clicking the caption bar and choosing Floating, or dragging the pane by its caption.  When a pane is undocked, it can be placed outside of the application window, otherwise it will be snapped to the main window.  Dragging a pane will display an outline of the locating where it will be positioned when the pane is dropped.  Drop onto the appropriate docking sticker button to dock a pane or add it to a tabbed group; drop somewhere other than on a docking sticker to undock a pane at the specified location.


2.Panes can be configured to automatically hide or "shrink" to the perimeter of the application until needed:
To toggle a docked pane's Auto hide mode, click its Auto Hide button or right-click the caption and choose Auto hide.
To display (expand) an auto-hidden pane, either hover the mouse over the tab for the pane, click the menu item for that pane, or type the keyboard shortcut for that pane.
To hide a pane that is in auto-hide mode, change the focus to a different pane.


3.Each pane can be resized using the splitters that are displayed around the perimeter of each pane (when docked).  Panes can also be resized like a normal window when undocked.


4.Most panes can be closed by clicking the close button displayed in the upper right corner, by right-clicking the caption and choose Close.  To display a closed pane, simply navigate to that pane using the Menu Bar or toolbar entry or press the related Keyboard Shortcut.


Note: Pane customizations are stored in the registry under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Visual Build Professional 10\Options\DockingPaneLayouts.  To reset all pane customizations to their defaults, exit Visual Build, download this file and run ResetPanes.reg by double-clicking (accepting all prompts).