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NUnit Action Output Tab

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This tab of the NUnit action configures output settings.


Write test case names to output: Logs an identifying label at the start of each test case.


XML output path/file: Specifies the filename to log output to (optional).  If not specified, the file is named TestResult.xml and is placed in the working directory.


Note: For NUnit v3 and later, this specifies the path for the results file.


XML transform file: Specifies the output transform file (optional).  If not provided, NUnit uses a default transformation.


Note: This option does not apply to NUnit v2.5 and later.


Do not transform output: If checked, logs raw XML output rather than transforming it. This is useful when debugging problems with the XML format.


Note: This option does not apply to NUnit v3 and later.


Redirect output to a file: Specifies a filename to redirect output to instead of logging to the Output pane (optional).