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NUnit Action Options (More) Tab

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This tab of the NUnit action configures more options.


No shadow copy: Disables shadow copying of the assembly in order to provide improved performance.


Note: This option does not apply to NUnit v3 and later.


Do not convert to short filenames: If checked, when clr.bat is invoked to run tests (the Framework field is provided above), filenames will not be converted to short filenames.  NUnit versions prior to v2.4 may require this option to be unchecked, v2.4 and later may require this option to be checked (if "Could not load file or assembly" errors occur).


Note: This option does not apply to NUnit v3 and later.


Don't save test results: If checked, don't save any test results.


Verbose output: Log additional information as the test runs.


Internal trace level: Set the trace level.


Stop run immediately upon test failure or error: Whether to stop or continue on failure.


Show logo: Displays copyright information at start if checked.


Additional options: Used to specify any additional NUnit command-line options.


NUnit executable: Overrides the default location of NUnit-console.exe (optional).  Useful if multiple versions are installed.