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MSBuild Action Output Tab

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This tab of the MSBuild action configures information about the build outputs.


Include detailed summary: If checked, shows detailed information at the end of the build log about the configurations that were built and how they were scheduled to nodes.


Verbosity level: Specifies the amount of information written to the event log (optional).


Logger component: Specifies a logger to log events from MSBuild (optional, one per line).  The syntax is:

[<logger class>,]<logger assembly>[;<logger parameters>]

The logger class syntax is:

[<partial or full namespace>.]<logger class name>


The logger assembly syntax is:

{<assembly name>[,<strong name>] | <assembly file>}


The logger parameters are optional, and are passed to the logger exactly as you typed them.






Parameters for console logger: Parameters to console logger (optional, can be combined by separating with semicolons).


Disable default console logger: Disable the default console logger and do not log events to the console (stdout).