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Make VB6 Action Compatibility Tab

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This tab of the Make VB6 action configures compatibility and output path settings for the build.


Set version compatibility before building: This option applies only to ActiveX DLL, EXE, and Control project types.  If set to Binary, Project, or No compatibility, before a project is built, the project file is updated to the specified compatibility setting.  This is a useful in preventing missing references or compile errors if compatibility has been broken on VB projects.


When binary compatibility is set, interface and class GUIDs are not modified (but compile errors will occur if any interface signatures were changed since the previous build).  When project compatibility is set, the interface and class GUIDs are regenerated, but the type lib GUID (what the reference is set to) is not changed.  When no compatibility is set, all GUIDs are regenerated.  When specifying a project group (.vbg) file on the Project/Group tab, any references to the project in the group will be fixed up after building with Project or No compatibility.  When performing incremental builds, this action looks at all references and builds the project if any referenced files are newer than that project's executable file.


Update compatibility directory: Set the compatibility path before building.


Set binary compatibility: This option applies only to ActiveX DLL, EXE, and Control project types.  If checked, after a project is processed (whether or not it needed to be built), the project file is updated and Binary Compatibility is set to the project's target executable.  This is a great convenience for developers, since remembering to do this for each project after the first build is easy to forget.  This eliminates a lot of Error 429 ActiveX component can't create object errors and keeps the registry from getting cluttered.


Update the target executable directory: Set the target output path before building.