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App Packager Action Package Tab

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This tab of the App Packager action specifies package settings.


Action: The action to perform (required).


Filename: The filename of the package (required).


Content/output directory: The content directory if packing or the output directory if unpacking (required unless specifying a mapping file when packing).


Mapping file: The mapping file to use to create the package (optional).  The first line contains the string [Files], and the lines that follow specify the source (disk) and destination (package) paths in quoted strings.


Hash algorithm: The hash algorithm to use for creating the block map (optional, default is SHA256).


Overwrite existing files: If checked, forces the output to overwrite existing files.


Do not overwrite existing files: If checked, prevents the output form overwriting existing files (mutually exclusive with overwrite option).


Verbose mode: Logs verbose message output.