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Send Mail Action Server Tab

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This tab of the Send Mail action specifies server and login settings.


Mail Server: The SMTP server name or IP address (required).


Port: The port to connect on (optional, default is 25 for unsecured and 465 for secured connections).


Timeout: How long (in seconds) to wait for a connection or response before timing out (required).  Enter 0 to wait indefinitely.


Username: Username for login to SMTP server (optional). When authenticating, SMTP requires that the server support the extended SMTP protocol and the AUTH LOGIN command. If your server doesn't support that, use an empty Username field, which will cause the action to not use extended SMTP or attempt to authenticate a user.


Password: Password for login (optional).


Domain: Local domain name for client (optional).


Priority: Specifies the message priority.


Return a message on success, failure, delay: If checked, these items will cause a message to be returned to the sender on success, failure, or delay in sending a message.


Note: The above delivery options are only available on those mail servers which support delivery status notification (DSN) using the extended SMTP protocol.


Return entire message: Returns the entire message instead of a simple notification for any of the above options.


Logging: Level of logging to perform on network communications (none, all, errors, errors/warning, all+hex dump).


POP-before-SMTP authentication: If checked, authenticates against the specified POP server before sending the message (required by some mail servers before sending via SMTP), and the remaining POP fields must be entered.


POP Server: The POP server name or IP address.


POP Port: The POP port to connect on (optional, default is 110 for unsecured and 563 for secured connections).


POP Username: Username for login to POP server.


POP Password: Password for POP authenticate.