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List Files Action Files Tab

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This tab of the List Files action specifies the file to be listed and other output options.


Folder: The folder to search for files in.


Note: You can also specify a path and filename or path and file mask in this field (instead of using the Include field).


Files to list: Used to specify files or folders to include or exclude (optional).


Search subdirectories (recursive): If checked, any subfolders of the main folder are also searched for matching files.


Log output: If checked, the output is written to the build output.


Output filename: If a filename is specified, the output is written to the specified file.


Ensure file is writeable: If checked and the output file already exists with read-only attributes, the read-only attribute is removed before overwriting.


Append to existing file:  If checked, the file will be appended to if it already exists.  If unchecked, the file will be replaced if it exists.


Write BOM: If checked, the action writes a byte order mark to the beginning of the file.  Applies only when creating or replacing a file and using an encoding of UTF-8 or Unicode.


Encoding (code page): The encoding or Windows code page that will be used when reading and writing the file (optional).  If left blank, the system code page (CP_ACP) will be used or the encoding specified by the BOM if the file contains a BOM (byte order mark).  Other common encodings for files are UTF-8, Unicode (UTF-16 LE), Windows-1252, Cyrillic, Chinese, and other encodings or code pages supported by Windows (see the Microsoft Global Development web site and MSDN Unicode topics for more details).


List empty folders: If checked, empty folders will also be listed.