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InstallAnywhere Action Options Tab

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This tab of the InstallAnywhere action specifies additional options.


Build Web Installers: Indicates whether web installers will be generated.


Build CD Installers: Indicates whether CD installers will be generated.


Optimize by platform: Indicates whether optimizations by platform will be performed.


Build merge modules: Indicates whether merge modules will be generated.


Additional options for to pass to InstallAnywhere: Use this field to enter any additional command-line flags to be passed to the InstallAnywhere command-line compiler.


Automatically locate the executable: Determines if the compiler is located automatically or manually.  If unchecked, the full and filename to the compiler executable must be entered in the following field.  Use if multiple versions of the compiler are installed or to specify the executable file if the action is unable to locate it.  If auto-locate is checked, the compiler is located by combining the path of the executable associated with the extension of the file in the Filename field with Build.exe.