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Inno Setup Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Inno Setup action specifies additional options.


Additional options: Used to specify any additional options to the Inno Setup compiler or preprocessor (optional).


Automatically locate the Inno Setup compiler executable: Determines if the compiler is located automatically or manually.  If unchecked, the full and filename to the compiler executable must be entered in the following field.  Use if multiple versions of the compiler are installed or to specify the executable file if the action is unable to.


If auto-locate is checked, the Inno Setup compiler is located by:

1) Determine the executable associated with the Compile verb for the extension of the file in the Filename field.

2) Change the exe filename to iscc.exe.


Inno Setup scripts normally have a .iss extension, and that extension's Compile verb must be associated with Inno Setup for the above logic to work.  In this case, manually specify the full path and filename for the compiler (this can be stored in a global macro to use across multiple steps or projects).


Use ISPP-compatible command-line: If checked (the default), the script filename will be placed before any other parameters for compatibility with the Inno Setup Preprocessor, which requires the script filename first.  Check this option if the Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) is installed.